Staying Cool While Breastfeeding in the Heat

Summertime is always hot! When it is hot outside, your baby still needs to breastfeed—probably more often than in cool weather.


When it is hot outside, we sweat more in order to cool off. Because we lose more fluids, we need to take in more fluids.

Breastfeeding is enough to keep your baby hydrated, but a hot, thirsty baby may need to breastfeed more than usual. You may also notice that your baby wants to feed for shorter periods of time, which means more of the thinner foremilk and less of the hindmilk. This gives your baby exactly what is needed during hot weather.

Look for cues that your baby is asking to feed more often. Do not give your baby water or ice cubes. You will probably need to drink a lot more water to meet your needs, but your baby does not need supplemental water. Breastmilk is made up of 80% water. Before you sit down to breastfeed, grab your own water. Sip while you feed to keep yourself hydrated.

Cool Off

When both you and your baby are hot and sticky, you might not be eager to be skin to skin for hours a day. Your baby might hesitate to feed because of the warmth, so try cooling off before feeding then keep feeding as cool as possible. A breeze helps us feel cooler as it evaporates sweat.

To keep from warming one another up immediately with skin-to-skin contact, insulate yourselves. Put a cotton blanket or cloth diaper between you. Don’t sit with your baby directly in front of the fan or air conditioning. Keep the air comfortable.

Stay Cool

A quick bath, a dip in the wading pool, or just a splash in the sink and a wipe down can cool off your baby before eating. Just remember that babies are very slippery when they are wet. If nights are hot and humid, cooling off with tepid water is a good way to calm down and make bedtime more comfortable.


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